The mole and I have had a good relationship for years. Because I don’t mind if he unearths a few hills here and there. This weekend, however, he really stepped on the gas. Fortunately I know where to put all the piles of earth!

That’s no way to do it! We had a deal. My mole and me. Three to five mounds per winter. No more. The last few years, he’s stuck to it. And this morning: a string of mounds stretches across the lawn! Was he having a party with friends? Or was he going through a winter depression?

A good idea: Fill raised bed with mole soil

Fortunately, I know where to put all the piles of soil: Put it in the raised bed! I’ve had my raised beds for four years. And still, over the course of the year, the fill of chaff, lawn clippings and soil settles by a few inches as it rots. In that respect, it’s almost routine for me to fill in the missing inches with a mixture of compost and soil.

Maybe he just wanted to do me a favor 😉 I should think about it.